Scotland The Brave

Royal Deeside – Where legends really do come alive!

Prepare to discover the real Scotland the Brave with Hidden Deeside.

This area is back-country Scotland, and you will be little more than an arrow’s flight from the well-trodden tourist trail with an expert who can give you authentic insights into local history and heritage stretching back hundreds of years.

From ancient Clan gathering places which stand sentinel to the highland warriors who never returned home, to Standing stones from the far-distant past, where our prehistoric ancestors worshipped the sun and honoured their dead, to Gallows Trees where medieval justice was dispensed in a brutal fashion, to amazing Jacobite tales of bravery and romance, Hidden Deeside will put the Brave into Scotland and make these legends, and many more, come alive.

Come and visit ancient castle ruins on rocky outcrops, places where Scottish kings had their hunting grounds and romance and mystery fills the air, along with an echo of the skirl of the bagpipes.
See where clan and family feuds took place, where witchcraft was practiced and where the dawn of Christianity took hold.

Hidden Deeside will take you through a romantic and colourful part of Scotland, the real ‘Scotland the Brave’, a Deeside where even today there are places so secluded and isolated that time seems to stand still.

It is a story that will be told with charm and at your own pace, letting you truly enjoy ‘Scotland the Brave’!

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